Обо мне

Моё образование, дающее право вести групповую и индивидуальную психотерапию

Завершенные или находящиеся в стадии разработки

Реабилитация в мед учреждении


Немедикаментозная реабилитация (терапевтическое сообщество)


Ресоциализация (социальная адаптация)

Группы для родственников зависимых (созависимых)


Трансформационные игры с использованием метафорических ассоциативных карт.

Индивидуальные встречи могут проходить как в консультативном формате, так и в формате длительной психотерапии.

МАК "Выбери Жизнь"


МАК "Пустоты.net"

Моя философия

I take a holistic approach to understanding each client and their unique presenting concerns. I appreciate that our mind, body, spirit, and relationships are all intertwined and intimately affected by one another. I try to focus on each client's strengths and talents in addition to their struggles and areas for growth.

I have a flexible therapeutic style that draws from several major theoretical approaches to

psychotherapy. At a basic level, I believe that there is inherent value in increasing self-understanding and self-acceptance. As clients come to a deeper appreciation for how their personal history can affect their current feelings, motivations, and relationships, they often feel more grounded and better able to make well-informed decisions about how to live their lives in a rewarding manner.

What to expect

I would encourage you to think of our first session as a consultation with no strings attached. I will do my best to understand you and the unique concerns that bring you in. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your future therapist and this initial session will give you a sense of what it's like to meet with me. It is also important for your future therapist to have the skills and experience necessary to treat your specific concerns. I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have about my training and experience. If it seems like we are a good match at the end of the session then we will schedule a regular time to meet where we can continue to assess your strengths, as well as your areas for growth, so that we can collaboratively develop a plan of action. If not, then I will be happy to make a referral to other services or qualified professionals who may be better suited to help you.

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